TOMES INDUSTRIES, INC. PRESS CLIPPINGS WE HAVE RECEIVED OVER THE YEARS...  Press the CTRL button and hold it down while you click on the article thumbnail to open the article up on its' own page.
A nice story from 1996 about Ron and the way he "McGuyvers" things.  Ron is always coming up with a better way to do stuff, usually for less money, and then he passes that savings on to his customers.  Lincoln Journal Star
  A 2005 article about the company from the Lincoln Journal Star.
  2009 article from the Seward County Independent covering a visit by the Utica Commercial Club. 
  2009 article from the York News-Times covering the expansion of the facility. 
A part of the story here at Tomes Industries, Inc. are our employees. Dan, for example has been with us since 1995.  That was in the last century mind you. Lincoln Journal Star
An update on the company done in 2009 by the Lincoln Journal Star.